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BLS for Healthcare Providers

The American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider Class is required for nurses, EMT’s, dentists, physical therapists, paramedics, and anybody else in the medical field.  Get your BLS CPR certification!
General public

CPR for the General Public

Heartsaver CPR and First-Aid courses for the general public are most appropriate for coaches, teachers, babysitters, families wanting to learn CPR, new moms, construction workers and laborers and most lay-persons.

Childcare Providers (EMSA)

Childcare providers such as those working in day care centers or professionally providing home day care services are required by California law (EMSA, Title 22/AB243) to know pediatric CPR & First-Aid.

Online CPR certification

CPR Certification Online

In conjunction with the American Heart Association, we offer complete AHA certifications through blended learning courses. Part I is online.  Parts 2 & 3 are in person with an instructor.
CPR certifications from the comfort of your home!

In-Home CPR

Becoming CPR certified doesn’t mean you have to take a class with a bunch of strangers. With In-Home CPR classes, you can make preparedness a family event. Invite the neighbors and you’ve got a CPR party!

Last minute CPR certification

Same Day CPR

Are you in desperate need of CPR certification today? … like right now!? We understand. Call us now – no more procrastinating! We want to see you succeed, so call us today and let’s make it happen!

First-Aid classes

First-Aid Training

Learn how to manage illness and injuries in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. First Aid skills can be easy to learn and may have life-saving potential in sudden and unexpected emergencies.

CPR classes tailored to fit your needs

CPR Express!

Sometimes you simply want to learn CPR. If you don’t need a formal certification, but want to learn CPR, our CPR & First-Aid Express! options are great! We can tailor the content and time frame to your needs.

Groups can host CPR Parties!

CPR Parties

Have friends who want or need to learn CPR? Get everybody together and host a CPR party at your home or office! Food and drinks are welcome – don’t worry – we’ll learn how to help choking victims too!
Student discounts are available

Student Discounts

Are you a starving student? We can help you earn your CPR certification and save some money. Learn more about our individual and group student discounts. Educational institution rates available.

CPR for Business & Organizations

CPR for Businesses

Investing in the safety and training of your employees can help saves lives, reduce recovery times, mitigate potential lawsuits following medical emergencies and may help reduce insurance costs.

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