Infant CPR


A critically important class for anybody who spends time around infants (0-12 months). Class is engaging, educational, and very hands-on.

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Our Infant Essentials course is custom tailored to prepare new parents for the most common and/or threatening infant emergencies.  This course includes CPR for infants, as well as First-Aid covering all the most relevant concerns.

The first half of class will touch on some brief preparatory topics and a appropriate emergency response, before focusing on CPR for infants.  The second half of class will delve into a number of infant-centric first-aid topics such as choking, poisoning, allergic reactions, falls, and many more.

This 2.5 hour course is designed to prepare new and expecting parents for a wide array of emergencies, but it’s also a great class for babysitters, grandparents and anybody who spends time around infants.  Invite family, friends, neighbors and colleagues with kids… it could be the most important class they ever take!

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